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you need to be Horde
Among the most underrated and fun gold creating approaches in WoW Classic, is accomplished by rogue. You enter high degree dungeons (low level ones) and you go for chests! With a vanish and max picklock skill and sap, you can get some BOE greens, greens and even epics! Also insane for new servers, as you're able to find buyers that are keen ! Its very random how profitable it is, but its so much FUN! Its a high stake treasure search from begin to finish WoW Classic Gold!

This video seems like someone who read about vanilla WoW Classic, but did not play it.Doesn't enter depth of difficulty playing Ret Paladin with consistent spamming of seals and blessing to remain efficient. Warlock raid potential is hampered due to curse limitation on bosses they seem to do dps in which the limit has been raised and their dps can quadruple. Hunter suffers from the contrary, with dps at the start, but falls off as ammo is a limit of their dps. And Shaman dps using Windfury was a bug that I read it'd be interesting if it exist in WoW Classic.

Got ta remind everyone that there are is only one question to ask yourself just as far as picking on a course. Are you really going to raid, or maybe not? There is no other question. Then all the strategies and considerations become vitally important, because if you're going to raid. Because you are enjoying to enjoy the world, perform the quests, socialize, for the interest of those things, not as a stepping stone for raiding if you aren't going to raid, then it doesnt matter that much. And thats fine. Me, I burnt out on raiding and never really went back. So Im gonna be the man that chooses at a race course combo for roleplay the enjoyable and group synergy that is small, and thats it.

Back in the days when you tried to find info you eventually end up with the conclusion that they all are great. Decide which one goes with the race, and your play style you choose. Remember that in case you'd like to be a Shaman you need to be Horde, or Ally for Paladins. My main was a Druid, then at lvl ~26 (and about a month of playing for there) I create a Warlock and went to lvl 60 since WoW Classic drama was enjoyable to me. And BTW, when you say"Free bracket" it's rather true. Actually you need to travel all over the world finishing quests and spending a few coins (that are much less easy to come) to find that bracket, same as all demons. (Not like now, you hit 20 and there it is, magically on your mounts ready to become summon).

Priest for me for sure this time around. I played with a warrior back in classic and that I had five key orbits Buy Gold in WoW Classic. About artists were the toughest to level I never actually watched YouTube videos or read forums. I never remember how difficult it had been to level, even though I was new to MMOS. All I remember was how amazing the leveling travel was, the learning through the fundamentals of WoW Classic out of 1-40, the forming of celebrations out of commerce chat or Tanaris general discussion to perform a dungeon, the ganking at Hillsbrad Foothills, the level 60 that could subsequently come shield you, the colorful amazement of inspecting the epically geared level 60, and finally adding them to your buddies list.

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